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Daimler Van/E Review of the year


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Full Moon Experience
Customer: Daimler AG

Since 2016, the Full Moon Event has been implementing the annual review for the Daimler VAN/E development department.

For the review of the year 2016, the approximately 1,000 employees of Daimler AG Development MB Vans experienced their year at various market stands and presentation stations in the Carl Benz Arena. The first highlight was the presentation of the new X-Class, which was admired live at the event. And from a culinary point of view, the Full Moon Event also organised a food truck Christmas market to suit the season, with delicacies for the guests to enjoy. Thus ended a successful year!

For 2017 the review of the year took place at the Daimler plant in Untertürkheim. This year, the focus of the event was on the fulfilment of a special task: the employees of the eleven departments were given the task of reviewing their highlights, news and the year 2017 in a pitch session. The most creative idea among the eleven individual departments was sought - for example in the form of a music video, sketch or play. The Full Moon Event took over the consultation and implementation of the individual pitch sequences. The special feature: The employees themselves determined the winner by their applause. Afterwards, the party was held at the Christmas market in the outdoor area.

The successful execution of the event and the presentation of the new sprinter formed the crowning glory of a successful year 2017!

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