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Capgemini Opening new Standort Stuttgart


Conception, consulting, personnel selection, personnel deployment
Full Moon Experience
Customer: Capgemini Service SAS

On the occasion of the move to the new premises with parallel presentation of the "grip initiative", Full Moon Event was commissioned with the conception and implementation of the opening ceremony. The reason for the move is the will to reinvent oneself as a company and to create a new perception of the company to the outside world. Capgemini invited around 130 customers to Stuttgart Degerloch for the presentation of the new "workshop".

In close cooperation with the customer, the Full Moon Event deliberately created the feeling of a "start-up company" through furnishing, decoration and catering. For an appropriate welcome for your guests in the car park and for easy guidance, the parking level was equipped with coloured fluorescent tubes in the blue of the brand. The premises were suitably designed with self-made furniture and simple decoration. With idea-specific catering such as burritos and Corona beer, the feeling was specifically emphasised.

The event was opened with an interesting keynote. In addition, the guests were presented the projects to be worked on by means of case studies, about which they exchanged ideas with the employees in stimulating conversations. A scribbler captured the most important contents on whiteboards. As a highlight and conclusion, the guests immortalised themselves on a black bonnet.

 Referenz - Capgemini - Opening new Standort Stuttgart  Referenz - Capgemini - Opening new Standort Stuttgart  Referenz - Capgemini - Opening new Standort Stuttgart





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