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Strategic Employer Branding. Analyses. Consideration of people - brand - space. Development of an EVP and a claim. Development of target group personas. Planning and execution of employee shoot.
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Customer: Glatthaar Keller GmbH & Co. KG
Partner Fotografie: Kristof Poggel - Art of Poggel

The battle for skilled workers is fierce. Particularly in the skilled trades, employers must take new measures to draw attention to themselves and attract new employees. Glatthaar Keller GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized family business from the central Black Forest region (Schramberg/Waldmössingen) that is the European market leader for prefabricated cellars and has branches in Germany, England and Switzerland. Glatthaar is looking to the future and wants to sustainably position itself strongly in the competition as a unique employer. The company's own employer brand is also intended to help give future (internal and external) communication a clear direction.

As a full service agency in the field of employer branding, we conducted a strategic consultation on the employer brand after a comprehensive situation analysis (consideration: people - brand - space) as well as the target group definition with corresponding personas. We developed a custom-fit EVP with the attractive claim "With ideas. With success. With you."

In order to give an authentic insight into the company and the social guiding culture of the innovation leader, we planned and implemented an employee photo shoot. We also took over the conceptual media planning and developed car wraps, brochures and mockups for the trade fair stand.

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