Unit: Full Moon Communication   Client: W + R – The Glove Factory   Performed Services: Consultation Services, Structure and Formation, Conceptualisation, Screen Design, Usability, Development of the Imagery and Colour World, Retouching and Composing, Image Optimisation, Style Guide, Production Surveillance    Photographer: Benjamin Krohn, Stuttgart; Tom Weber, Schiefling am See; Lazi + Lazi, Stuttgart Refining: Dirk Sam Heintz, Bureau Heintz (Retouching, Composing, Finishing)


For the glove manufacturer W+R, with headquarters in Metzingen, we developed a new online appearance and undertook the conception and realisation of the image photography. The focus of attention for the new website lay on a logical categorisation of the product groups, by means of an articulate site map and a clear information hierarchy. To be able to guarantee an ideal hand protection, the company places great importance on the quality of the utilised materials. The new design of the website follows these aspirations: the gloves are staged with eye-catching images and close-ups. The categorisation of the products is effected by means of the specific standards of each glove and enables a rational and lucid product review.

Retouching and Composing

to Website

Landing page and all other sites of the new internet appearance of W+R always open showing significant image teasers. Therefore the conception of the imagery played a vital role in the redesigning of the website. Convincing imagery does not just convey the company’s central idea, but also individually stages the presented product: the gloves are shown in daily use. Hereby, the stress of the material, as a consequence of outside influences such as fire, water or ice, was essential to the documentation of the products in extreme situations. The glove becomes tactile. With elaborate composing and detailed retouching of the images, we worked up studio photography to unique snapshots.