Unit: Full Moon Digital     Client: TCON Ingenieure     Performed Services:  Consultation Services (Workshop – Contents, Structure, Technology, Target Groups, Introductions, Look & Feel), Creation (Content Strategy, Information Architecture, Technical Concept, Screen Design, Creation of a Key Visual, Text), Development (Project Database, Career Database, TYPO3 Development, TYPO3 Support), Content (Image Editing, Post-Production, Content Maintenance), Technology (TYPO3, MVC Extension Development, jQuery)     URL: www.tcon-ingenieure.com


For more than 15 years, TCON has been offering engineering related services worldwide, including all disciplines of technical building equipment. The Full Moon Digital developed a new corporate website that enables an authentic online representation of the TCON engineering company. Project references digitally show TCON’s wealth of experience congenial team of specialists, working in the section of career and employment, is searching for new colleagues and fresh recruitment, and is therefore offering interesting information for potential applicants – the course for a successful cooperation is set.