Unit: Full Moon Event    Client: BRP Renaud und Partner mbB Rechtsanwälte Patentanwälte Steuerberater   Photographer: Marc Gilardone     Performed Services: Booking Artists, Booking Musicians, Booking Photographer, Decoration Design, Dramaturgy and Direction of the Event, Implementation, Conception, Organisation/Planning, Programme Planning, Spatial Concept, Management of Trades URL: www.brp.de


Full Moon Event directed the law office’s (Anwaltskanzlei BRP Renaud und Partner mbB) summer party with the theme of “Summer in the City”.
Above the rooftops of Stuttgart, overlooking the Stuttgart Palace, the office was transformed by atmospheric, summery lighting effects: a prime location for interesting conversations and jolly celebrations with customers and clients.
A female band mingled with the guests and provided an enjoyable atmosphere. The highlight of the evening was the dance duo, hidden in a glass cube, with only their shadows outlining their movements during their tango performance.