Unit: Full Moon Kids   Client: LEGO GmbH   Performed Services: Consultation Ser- vices, Conception, Collaborations, Fairs, Pedagogical Know-How, Production, Personnel Selection, Personnel Training, Sponsoring   Partners: Photographer: Max Schwarz/BloodyOrange


Contemporaneously with the international model railway exhibition (IMA), the “LEGO-Fanwelt“ (“LEGO fan world”) takes place every two years in Cologne: On an area of 20,000 square metres, the LEGO railway fans of the Rhineland, together with many other German and European tinkerers, create a miniature world, consisting of cosmic landscapes, knight’s castles, up to realistic replicas. Full Moon coordinated the LEGO fan world and ensured, with the expansion of the LEGO kid’s compound, lots of fun and excitement.