Unit: Full Moon Event     Client: EnBW (EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG)     Performed Services: Booking of Artists, Musicians, Moderator, Stage Design, Dramaturgy & Direction of the Event, Implementation, Film Production, Guest Manage- ment, Building Illumination, Idea, Presentation, Conception, Creation, Lighting Design/ Staging, Logistics, Organisation, Personnel Services, Planning, Production, Programme Planning, Spatial Concept, Personnel Support, Management of Trades, Participants Management, Event Support, VIP Service

EnBW Biberach Opening

“The building is the star”- under this slogan Full Moon conceptualised and organized an evening event that illuminated architecture and design in a stunning and emotionally inspiring manner. At the opening ceremony of the ENBW building in Biberach, around 300 VIP guests, including political prominence, were awestruck by the spectacle that was projected around the new edifice. They were captivated by a colourful light show, typographic gimmicks, artistic performances and a grand display of fireworks; everything coordinated to the architectural features.