Unit: Full Moon Digital     Client: DIREKT Sprachreisen     Performed Services: Technical Concept and Consultation Services, Intelligent Offer Management, TYPO3, Digital     URL: www.direkt-sprachreisen.de 


Since 1999 DIREKT Sprachreisen markets individual language travels for adults, adolescents and children. To enable a faster, more comfortable entry, and even a book-en route service, to the popular language courses, Full Moon Digital created a mobile landing page for DIREKT Sprachreisen. For a general simplification of the booking procedures the TYPO3-system of the tour operator was extended by an intelligent offer management. Thanks to an optimized usability-back-end function, the interested customer can now be provided with an individual course offer. Simultaneously a reservation form was issued. The customer will immediately receive an automatic email, in form of a PDF file that contains all details pertaining to the tour. The individual tour display, as well as the booking screens, are also optimised for smart-phones. Bon voyage!