Marketing Club Event

The Full Moon Kids is a long-standing strategic partner of Nickelodeon. Together with the Marketing Clubs Karlsruhe (1.12.2016) and Stuttgart (6.12.2016) we are organising a Marketing Club evening. The main theme of the event "Small consumers on a big scale".

Registration: Karlsruhe/Stuttgart. It is undisputed that children not only make their own purchasing decisions with confidence, but also have a massive influence on the purchasing behaviour of their parents. Where do marketing decision makers have to start in order to make brands known and convince children? How do we reach this young target group, who are confident in the diversity of information and are well-versed in using TV, tablet and smartphone? Nickelodeon finds answers. For many years, the children's broadcaster has relied on research insights and customer-specific communication concepts derived from them to successfully implement brand partnerships.

From the perspective of an internationally operating media company, find out what makes kids and parents tick today, how children influence purchase decisions in families and how they skilfully use media as sources of information and entertainment.

The Stuttgart-based agency Full Moon Kids is a long-standing strategic partner of Nickelodeon. A current campaign example - carried out in cooperation with Full Moon Kids - also shows how insights gained are translated into an international multi-touchpoint campaign to reach children and their parents precisely and effectively.





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