FAMAB campaign: Full Moon takes part!

With the slogan "Make something of it. Komm in die Agentur!" the FAMAB Kommunikationsverband e.V. is launching its employer branding campaign today, inviting students to have a look at six agencies within 12 weeks from August.

In so-called agency surfing, they experience the diversity of an agency - from designing a website, planning and designing a live event to programming an application or recruiting the perfect staff for a trade fair stand.

And Full Moon is there! As of today all interested parties can inform themselves about come-to-the-agency  and thus have the chance to experience working in an agency at first hand. Because agency life is not white like a blank and blank sheet of paper. It is: Agencies stand for innovative and creative ideas, exciting brands and clients, a familiar team feeling and great employees! Therefore, the campaign is a clever coup to look behind the scenes of agency life.

We at Full Moon cheer and look forward to many applications!





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