Departure into a new world of work

Since the beginning of 2016, Full Moon has been undergoing a forward-looking transformation - our working world is being completely turned upside down. The reason for this is that the advancing digitalisation is taking up more and more space, automatically creating different conditions. This requires a new way of thinking, new processes and a new way of working together. Our structures are becoming more agile and flexible.

Do we still need fixed working hours and a fixed workplace? Flexible working hours, home office and shared desk - everyone has the opportunity to work from home. This naturally requires trust. Moreover, employees are no longer judged by their presence, but by their performance. And things have already changed in the office too:  There is no longer a classic 9 to 5. Employees can choose their working hours more freely. The core working hours are from 10 am to 4 pm. Whether they prefer to work early or rather later - everyone has their own rhythm and can therefore work at their most productive time. In addition, the "shared desk" principle means that no one has a fixed workplace any more.

This creates a new, free work culture in which interdisciplinary teams are constantly regrouping. Everything revolves around the fulfilment of the project. The individual employees are no longer anchored in rigid structures, but work independently and interdisciplinarily. Ultimately, it is all about sharing knowledge and networking better, which allows potential and strengths to be identified. Our customers and projects benefit from this in particular. Networking enables us to provide holistic and comprehensive support, because everyone has to think outside the box. And how do we put this into practice? Of course, such changes do not happen overnight, but the framework conditions have already been created.





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