New business area: Full Moon Consulting

Full Moon now also offers consulting as an independent service. In this article, we explain why we have now decided to offer this service, who we are competing for, and what makes us special.

Why does Full Moon Group offer consulting now in the form of Full Moon Consulting?

Consulting has always been a part of the Full Moon Experience. Our main concern is not to offer standard products to our customers, but rather need-based products and individual solutions. Therefore, our approach often takes a little longer, especially in the beginning, but offers more benefits in retrospect, as more focused, result-oriented and working together in the same direction can be achieved.

Our first step is the joint clarification of the assignment, in which we work out what problem needs to be solved. What is the goal? We clarify what the reasons for the problem diagnosis are and which steps need to be implemented accordingly to achieve the desired result. In our experience, the problem seems clear at first glance, but in closer dialogue and deeper consideration, things often develop in a different direction than originally thought.

With this preparation, a demand-oriented cooperation can be realized without unnecessarily straining budgets. In practice, this can mean that more intensive cooperation is required at the beginning of the project and that only selective support is provided over a longer period of time in order to ensure the sustainable implementation of the measures.

Our main topics

Full Moon Consulting offers consulting services in various areas: Agile methods, employer branding as well as social selling and content marketing. Primarily, we focus on everything around agility. On the one hand, this includes strengthening product teams, as well as bringing products to life together, but also holistic product strategy and operationalization. In doing so, we are not dogmatically oriented, but always try to find an entry point via meaning and purpose.

Our services range from training of teams, coaching of individuals to the design and implementation of entire workshop series.

What is our mission and for whom?

We compete to bring medium-sized companies forward in the mentioned areas. We distance ourselves from large companies where the desired change cannot be implemented sustainably. With full vigor, we prefer to invest our time and energy in companies that need real support and are still small enough to change. This is what drives us and what we aspire to: to enable small and medium-sized businesses to put the power on the road that lies within them.

Our qualifications

Full Moon Consulting consultants are trained and certified in their areas of expertise. Therefore, when we receive an inquiry as well as in a dialog, we first check which expert meets the requirements and can provide the best possible and sustainable consulting.

Which trainings we have already completed and which exams we have passed, you can find here.

We are looking forward to meeting you and see you soon in the first exchange!

Your contact persons:

Pascal Naujoks (Senior Consultant), Alexander Mehlhammer (Agile Coach)
Phone: 0711 925388-22
E-Mail: [email protected]







Epplestraße 225
70567 Stuttgart