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Everything you need to know about TikTok Marketing

TikTok goes viral! The short video platform TikTok has become a worldwide phenomenon. For this reason, it is worthwhile for companies that address the young target group with products and services to take a closer look at the app and the marketing opportunities it offers.

The app is also gaining more and more fans in German-speaking countries; in October 2020, there were already 10.7 million users, most of them teens and young people from Generation Z (69% are between 16-24 years old).

Good to know: For a long time now, the young target group has not only been interested in entertainment. In addition to dance, DIY and fun formats, numerous pieces of content encourage learning, with creators imparting knowledge or dealing with the areas of study, training and career progression.

To take advantage of the opportunity that TikTok offers you and to effectively reach and engage the young target group you need to focuse on a combination of added value, Authenticity, and Engaging and relevant content

Best Practices: Innovative marketing with TikTok

Many international brands recognized the trend early on and launched successful campaigns, including German brands:

Cookie Bros. – Used advertising to deliver highly cost effective impacts

The Cologne-based company shows how to do top-class marketing creatively and cost-effectively on TikTok: Cookie Bros. relies on collaboration with numerous micro-influencers who turn snack dough into hype. Daily short videos show how to spice up the dough with sweets and spices.  

Tagesschau – smart content meets fun

Tagesschau's TikTok channel targets young audiences with political topics and entertaining content, showing that serious and more complex topics also have their place on the video platform. Funny episodes with the daytime newscasters and backstage scenes ensure that the fun is not neglected.

Pringles – using marketing format and involving the community

The Pringles potato chips brand uses the hashtag challenge format typical of TikTok and involves the community. Under the motto #PlayWithPringles, numerous creators took part, posting creative videos with chips packaging.

Lidl – how young employer branding works

With its employer profile @LidlKarriere, the supermarket chain demonstrated how young employer branding works.  Here, too, a hashtag challenge was the path to the goal: the hashtag #MoveLikeLidl has 486.9 M views (as of Dec 20), under which numerous short videos with typical dance performances and matching sound can be seen.

Here's how companies get started on TikTok:

  • Download app in the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Log in and create a profile
  • Post username and picture, short info about the company and link to social media channels
  • Browse video feed, subscribe to interesting channels. At the top left under "Follow me" TikToks of the subscribed channels are played, at the top right under "for you" videos of other relevant  channels are running.
  • On the right side of the page , there are the following functions: At the top, the channel can be subscribed to by clicking on the red plus. Below that is the heart for likes, a speech bubble for comments under the video and an arrow to share the TikTok (name for a video).
  • To record a video, tap on the plus sign in the lower navigation bar and use corresponding functions such as filters, speed sliders or effects.

Full Moon Kids & Teens is your TikTok agency!

Our Expertise: we know the young target group exactly and where kids, teens and young adults get inspired. To reach them with brand messages, the popular video platform TikTok is currently one of the best digital places.

Need professional support to integrate TikTok into your marketing mix? We advise you when it comes to your own channel, a suitable content strategy, shooting your first videos or working with the right creator. We support you with strategy development, the selection of creator and content and with marketing measures such as top views, brand takeover, in-feed ads, brand hashtag challenges or branded effects. 

Ihr Goal: On TikTok, you create unique things in seconds to make your brand or message go through the roof. That's how you secure your share of success with us as your sparring partner.

Use TikTok for educational topics, for example! We support you in launching an educational channel that reaches the young target group. The topic of young employer branding can also be optimally presented on the young platform.

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