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We are Kidsters! We want to inspire children, we think in colourful, loud, funny and endless terms. Full Moon Kids & Teens is the founding agency of the largest international children's marketing firm. We have more than 15 years of experience and a great knowledge of the children, teenagers and family target. We know the channels and formats that help you connect with your target group, whether it is with effective promotions, fantastic events or super kiddie content.



Do you market products and services aimed at the children's target group? Then this information is probably out of date, but it is so difficult to keep up with the world of children that we are a specialised agency. The intanfil and family market should not be underestimated by any company, because nowadays children can make decisions in the family at an early age and know exactly how they can influence their own parents.

My mum is the best and I enjoy spending time with her, but my friends are important to me too.

 (Mateo, 8)

Children learn at an earlier age to make their own decisions. We know how to communicate the value propositions of your products in a way that is also understandable and connects with children. Both in concept and creation and in implementation by our pedagogically trained team, Full Moon Kids & Teens conveys each brand's message in a fresh and effective way.

The precise segmentation of the potential target and buyer person must be carefully analysed, as each age group interprets and relates to the world differently. Between the ages of 7 and 9, children only learn what it means to be a girl or a boy, while between the ages of 10 and 12 they question the meaning and purpose of stories and things. It is therefore particularly important to consider the specific characteristics of age, behaviour and level of development. Because not all children are the same. Not everything that is done for children is simple and easy to develop.

We know how to responsibly communicate advertising messages to the young target group and are aware of their effects. That is why we and our KIDS experts advocate sustainable concepts and creations. Our work in children's marketing is characterised by a strong moral conscience, that's why we have everything under control of our teachers in the children's team. Our trained graphic artists and illustrators know how important it is to develop custom designs and layouts for children. In addition, all our printed products are checked by child experts before they are produced in large quantities. Our quality-conscious clients appreciate our drive for perfection.

What makes us your experts in children's marketing?

  • The fun and passion of working with and for the youth target
  • Our specialist knowledge of this particular target group
  • Our high level of pedagogical experience with which we enrich the communication of your product
  • Our knowledge of current laws and regulations
  • Our expertise in the toys, entertainment, education and events sector





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