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The individual approach to children and the transfer of knowledge with an activating experience character is especially important in kindergarten. Kindergarten children learn in a playful and haptic way. In order to inspire them, information and content must be incorporated into exciting and fun tasks and activities - they are particularly susceptible to this. In its work in kindergarten marketing, Full Moon Kids & Teens attaches great importance to the careful preparation of educational content, which requires a great deal of sensitivity. Satisfying all the needs of the target groups in the target group triangle is the biggest challenge: In doing so, we have to serve the children and their parents as well as the educators in kindergartens, after-school care centres and day-care centres in equal measure.


Reaching children requires a sure instinct. We are aware of the responsibility and moral obligation that comes with this.
We have many measures up our sleeve for initial brand bonding with the supporting partners: among other things, we use reading and colouring books, product sampling in the form of play and craft boxes. Action days are a good way of imparting knowledge in a playful way: for example, a muesli day that teaches children about healthy eating.

We know how to specifically reach the young target group. We organise and supervise project-related adventure days. In doing so, we create real added value for everyone involved without leaving an advertising impression.


By introducing media partnerships, we support educators who primarily possess pedagogical, but not necessarily business management knowledge. We create cooperation opportunities that make the difference and lay the foundation for a trusting cooperation. Together we design effective educational and information posters for parents. We provide comprehensive advice on the organisation of kindergarten-internal and external events.

With us you will learn how to approach kindergartens and day-care centres in the right way. We will help you to fulfil your wishes and needs regarding kindergarten marketing. Talk to us!





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