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Almost no target group is as differentiated as that of young people today. Undisputedly, a 14-year-old thinks differently than an 18-year-old. In addition to age, socio-demographic background also plays an important role in this large target group. While tomorrow's customers are still shaped by their parents' upbringing at a young age, their self-determination and independence grows with every year of their lives. In this time between childhood and adulthood, young people develop their character and experience many things that they cannot remember later. This special target group completely reinvents itself every decade. Before trends can be accepted by everyone, they are discarded and replaced by new ones.


For many companies, youth marketing is therefore a particularly big challenge. In order to keep up with this trendy and fast-moving target group, you always have to keep your eyes and ears open for the wishes of young people. We are specialists in youth marketing and support you in finding the right target group within the 14-18 age group. We develop tailor-made, convincing concepts for you and advise you on the implementation of your cross-media campaigns - whether classic, digital or live.

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 (Jolie, 15)

The internet is the second home of today's young people, most of the time they access it via mobile devices. According to the BITCOM study "young and connected", 85% already use a smartphone for much more than just making phone calls. 115 minutes a day, that's the time the 16 to 18-year-olds spend online - whether on streaming portals, in social networks, looking for the latest news or shopping in online shops. For you, this development holds promising opportunities to address many young people independent of time and space. Our task is to discover trends and find the "digital natives" in the media. Together with our online experts, we then develop tailor-made social media campaigns, mobile applications, e-learning portals and complex e-business applications: all with relevant, SEO-optimised content.



But not only online is cool. Offline platforms also offer great potential in youth marketing. We pick up young people where they like to spend their free time and captivate them with all disciplines of live communication. With the help of our agency network, we develop 360° experiences and inspiring campaigns that will remain in the memory of this generation. All trainees, students and interns employed by the Full Moon Group play their part: They support us by providing inspiring insights into their way of life, making our youth marketing particularly attractive and innovative. In doing so, we attach great importance to them having their own say as insiders. After all, they are best placed to tell us what is currently in vogue.

The 1. Stuttgart-Festival proved not for the first time that we can also "cool". This festival with its individuality was unparalleled in Southern Germany and was the biggest success so far! It even convinced global brands to become part of a new lifestyle concept.





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