Kids & Teens


Much more often than they are aware, parents and especially grandparents reach for products that their children and grandchildren want. The pregnancy alone changes their own buying behaviour: The needs of the child become more and more important. Thus, the fast sports car becomes a practical family car and the walk-in wardrobe is converted into a children's room. Quality, durability, safety and harmless materials without harmful substances are becoming increasingly important when it comes to the little ones.


Many products and product messages are aimed primarily at the whole family. Quality Time" together with the children is particularly important for many working parents. The appreciation for joint activities increases and the children are involved in the decisions.

Theme-specific or brand-related events and worlds of experience are becoming increasingly popular. Products are made tangible and tangible with all senses. Architectural room concepts and the creation of different activity modules are two of our main tasks. The right staging, an exciting dramaturgy and in particular the emotional appeal are the be-all and end-all of a fascinating world of experience.

The holiday, the family car or what's on the table - parents' decisions are based on the wishes of their children.

 (Paula, 38,  Mother)


The pedagogical aspect plays an increasingly important role. "Edutainment" and "informal learning" are the keywords. The core of both terms is to experience knowledge in an entertaining way and to learn through play. For many zoos, theme parks, museums or even brandlands the focus is shifting more and more towards this. Knowledge presented in an exciting and appealing way, which is experienced during Quality Time, leaves a lasting impression on families. Cleverly constructed all-encompassing family marketing.

Once you have won over this target group, you can look forward to particularly loyal customers. Because where children are happy, parents can relax! This is why companies should address both children and adults equally with their brand communication. Bringing two such different worlds onto a common level can be quite a challenge. Together with our KIDSperten, we will design new, well thought-out formats for you that will be reflected in your strategy, corporate design, accompanying press and public relations work, events or targeted campaigns. The POS is particularly important to us - the so-called "point of sale". This is where the unerring promotions we develop pay off, which are designed to fit your brand message perfectly. Family marketing thought out down to the smallest piece of the puzzle - you can rely on it!

What makes us different from others?

We not only promise you success, we also measure it for you.

We map all our services in key performance indicators (KPIs), which we use to optimise your campaign. The KPIs are also available for your internal reporting. Convince your colleagues that family marketing really pays off!






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