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If we no longer define education as a task for schools but as a task for society, then at Full Moon Kids & Teens we call it "educational communication". Many public institutions and facilities barely manage to achieve the progress and developments envisaged in the curriculum. They simply lack the time and personnel to provide individual support for pupils and students and also lack sufficient (financial) resources.


Digitisation permeates and changes all areas of our lives. This is why digital media education in particular is becoming increasingly important in every federal state. The task of accompanying children and young people in a competent and up-to-date manner and preparing them for social life falls to schools and other educational institutions. They have to build up know-how, provide the necessary infrastructure such as hardware and software and offer support. As "digital natives", our young people are often ahead in their daily use of the media, and the institutions have to follow suit and build up the corresponding competences, which makes the topic important and explosive. We would like to participate in the implementation of the guiding principle "Learning with and about media" and to promote all participants.

The promotion, mediation and planning of our private-sector partnerships serves to increase the enthusiasm of children and young people in everyday school life and to impart knowledge in a sustainable way. As a specialised agency for educational communication, we offer you professional support in the development and implementation of your tasks. In doing so, we always have the high sensitivity of the private learning environment in mind. Together with you, we create convincing extracurricular learning locations. We develop tailor-made, successful communication measures for students and teachers. In doing so, we, our teachers and project managers, draw on a team of specialists built up over the years with a large network. Through our external partners, we are able to contact almost 70,000 day-care centres, day-care centres, schools and other educational institutions directly. In addition to these campaign acquisition facilities, we also have an extensive network of supervisors at our disposal to exchange experiences.

Communication with individual sections of our education system is neither simple nor easy to understand - specialists are needed here.

(Rainer Bauer, Pedagogical director, Full Moon Kids & Teens)


It all depends on the specifically defined target group! We also differentiate the target groups precisely in our educational communication - in the following areas Kindergarten, School and University. Since kindergarten children have completely different needs than students, and educators have different needs than teachers or university professors, we tailor your marketing strategies to fit.

Ethical, responsible action, sustainability and legal security are important parts of our work - because as an agency, young talent is particularly important to us. Our KIDSperten, who cooperate with teachers of all disciplines, and our pedagogical director, Rainer Bauer, are responsible for quality assurance. They form our professional school marketing team and have the necessary training and extensive experience for this highly sensitive task.

With us, you will be absolutely up-to-date regarding the integration of your topics into the curricula of the federal states. A workshop conducted by our KIDSperten can help you make the leap into educational communication. Have you become curious? Please contact us!





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