Close to the customer

A roadshow is commonly understood as a mobile in-house exhibition that presents new products or services to customers or sales partners in various cities directly in their vicinity. The big plus points of this marketing tool are the proximity to the customer, trying out the new products on site and the personal contact to ask questions. How can this be achieved digitally and what are the advantages of digital roadshows?

Customer proximity can also be created with digital methods. We support you in making your digital roadshow a great event that will be remembered for a long time! Interact with your customers: Voting and chat functions reflect customer wishes. Our trained moderators collect and integrate audience questions into your presentations. Present your new products digitally in a realistic, close-up way with rousing sound. Full Moon Event brings your products to life digitally in conjunction with a wide-ranging partner network of specialists. We guarantee emotional presentations with a real wow factor! Define your target group, we deliver custom-fit formats - tailored to the needs and expectations of your participants. The great advantage of a digital roadshow is that it is only a click away for the target group. No annoying search for a parking space, no dependence on the weather, no unplannable disruptive factors. A digital roadshow flexibly adapts to the schedule of the participants: Individual programme points of your digital roadshow can also be called up time-delayed or followed several times if required. With our team of roadshow, promotion and digital specialists, we develop individual, convincing digital roadshow concepts with inspiring programme points for you. Depending on your needs, we support you in all the necessary steps - from preparation to implementation to follow-up of your digital roadshow. In doing so, we pay particular attention to the following success factors:

Success factors at a glance

Attention grabbing content

The creation of target group-relevant content for the overall programme with reference to your product or service forms the core of a digital roadshow. With our specialists, we develop varied, informative and creatively prepared programme items that fascinate your target group and capture their attention. No matter which individual goals you primarily pursue with the event - generating leads, conveying information or brand presentation - we ensure success!

Content with added value

What is your target group really interested in? Before planning your roadshow, we get a precise picture of your target group, the needs to be satisfied and the expectations. This is the only way to develop content that provides real added value for your participants and tailor-made programme items that will inspire them in the long term. We succeed in attracting your audience through content with real added value. We ensure that no questions remain unanswered and additionally support your roadshow with appealing marketing material.

Programme points in a modular system

Depending on how narrow your target group is, we enable your participants to consume and select the individual programme items of your roadshow flexibly in terms of time. In this way, each participant feels that he is being met and cared for in the best possible way, because he chooses which elements he wants to participate in and which points he wants to omit. This saves time and guarantees a precise density of information. Coupled with a coordinated invitation management, you can always keep participants up to date and set priorities in communication. Allow your target group individual freedom in obtaining information through this event format!







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