Digital Product Launches
and Sales Events
Inspiring enthusiasm

Are you about to launch a new product, either for your target group or for your employees? We support you with many years of expertise in the field of product presentations and sales events. The requirements and objectives for live product launches and live sales events are the same as for the digital variants - but the challenges in the digital and hybrid area are different. From the main idea and communication measures to the creation of content and smooth implementation that will inspire in the long term - we provide you with full support for your digital events!

Challenges of digital product presentations

A product launch or sales event should be varied, surprising, fascinating and, above all, lastingly inspiring! The presentation of the new product should trigger emotions and arouse desire - even though it is not physically tangible. An impossible task? No, because with the help of new innovative techniques we create a completely new digital product experience ( for your target group. In doing so, it is crucial to maintain the attention span of the participants in the long term. The question of how this can be achieved determines the strategy, planning and successful implementation of your digital product presentation.

Success factors at a glance


With a " big bang" and suitable dramaturgy, we create unique experiential communication together with you and enable your participants to identify directly with your product. Supported by effects, entertaining programme items and eventful show elements, we captivate your participants and breathe life into your products and services in the digital space as well.


Communicate your product or service authentically in connection with your company. What is the significance of the presentation object in the context of your overall strategy? Make the golden thread clear for the participants of your event - this way, a consistent and lasting recognition between product/service, corporate philosophy and your brand can be achieved. We ensure a successful communication mix that inspires your target group before, during and after the event in line with your core values and brand identity.


We support you in creating enthusiasm with your digital product launch or your digital sales event that remains in the memory of the participants - and that over a longer period of time, even long after the digital or hybrid event. With captivating entertainment points that encourage your target group to interact, we create special experiences that also arouse emotions in your digital implementation and thus permanently strengthen the identification of your target group with your brand and your products or services.







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