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Digital Product
The new reality

Digital product presentations require innovative concepts and state-of-the-art technical implementation options in order to generate lasting enthusiasm. While your customers can experience your new products on location with many senses, the virtual presentation concentrates on visual and auditory components. We and our strong partner network know how to arouse emotions and enthusiasm in your target group digitally as well. Discover the new reality!

Augmented Reality

We expand your target group's perception of reality! Whether with AR glasses or the smartphone camera - we make products and services tangible with animations and intuitive functionalities and create a connection between digital and analogue sensations. Turning, sliding, dipping - all functions can be controlled by simple finger movements, emotionalise products and can be experienced independently. In addition to animations, content elements such as links, film and photo material, brochures etc. convey additional sustainability.

Virtual Reality

Let your target group immerse themselves in virtual alternative worlds. We create realistic virtual realisations for captivating brand experiences. In doing so, we attach importance to enabling media interaction, regardless of the location of the individual participants. VR glasses with high-resolution displays react with coupled sensor technology and create the illusion of products that can almost be touched. Interactive experiences are also feasible via temporarily installed beamer set-ups, using brand-new real-time technologies in graphic display.

Mixed reality

Amaze your target group by mixing physical experiences with digital reality. Experiences that are possible between augmented reality and virtual reality are referred to as mixed reality: Embed your product as a hologram directly into the physical environment of your target group or let digital avatars explain complex facts on site - there are no limits to creativity.


In virtual showrooms, your target group can discover products independently and with spatial and temporal flexibility. Arouse enthusiasm with exciting mouse-over functionalities such as integrated explanatory videos, inserts, product-specific dossiers etc.







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