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The human attention span continues to decrease year by year. This trend is particularly evident with digital media. In 2000, we were still able to concentrate on a topic for around 12 seconds, but now our thoughts begin to wander after just eight seconds. According to current research, our attention even changes from highly focused to unfocused every 125 to 250 milliseconds. Particularly in digital and hybrid events, the risk of participants dropping out prematurely is therefore very high if the content is not conveyed in a captivating way. After all, the distraction risk is significantly higher when digital devices are used in between than when guests are live on site. With the help of digital interaction possibilities, you offer variety and bind the participants more intensively to your event by enabling participation. You can also get immediate feedback from your guests and respond to their reactions. The most common digital interaction options are briefly presented below.
Q&A session

Internal and external keynotes can be livened up by targeted Q&A sessions. Participants have the opportunity to enter their questions and suggestions in a message window. The moderator will pass these on to the speakers and initiate appropriate discussion. In this way, feedback from your participants becomes an essential part of the event.


An embedded chat offers participants the opportunity to communicate with each other, for example in a lively breakout session on a core topic of the event. Chat options are not limited to text, but can also be integrated and implemented with a video call.


Votings enable prompt evaluation and opinion research on the content shown. The voting results can be directly integrated into the running programme. Various voting variants support active participation and proactive shaping of the agenda by the participants.







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