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Digital showrooms or trade show booths enable products and services to be exhibited over a flexible period of time thanks to their virtual presence. They can be planned completely independently of spatial restrictions and rental costs, which is why there are no limits to creativity. The central goal of these events - the generation of personal and direct contacts with existing and potential new customers - can also be implemented and ensured in the digital variants with various techniques. We support you in ensuring the visibility of your products and services in connection with your brand among users, generating curiosity and creating awareness. In doing so, it is possible to integrate the digital events on your company website or to design separate microsites.

Product presentation unlimited in time and space

Exhibitions, trade fair stands or showrooms offer versatile and flexible possibilities for the presentation of specific products and services. We succeed in transferring all components of a live presence into the digital realm. In contrast to an installed exhibition stand on site with spatial limits, the virtual implementation allows the entire product and service portfolio to be exhibited and presented on demand. With intuitive, user-friendly navigation, we enable your customers and prospects to enter your digital trade fair independently at any time and call up various presentations. Interactive modules and join-in options make the experience individual and appealing. We make your offer tangible and create emotional impressions. Depending on your needs, we can use 3D showrooms, virtual reality environments or a presentation in the form of a digital experience catalog. A wide range of functions and tools can be optionally implemented, such as Hoover mechanics, avatar integration, moving image sequences, product brochures and other specifications. Digital visitors can clarify questions that arise via personal (video) chat, by telephone directly with your contact persons or use chatbots and FAQs. Live digital presentations and discussions can also be implemented in a predefined time window.

Success factors at a glance

Experience presentation

The appealing presentation of various products, services and flanking service options form the core of digital exhibitions and showrooms. A variety of creative design options offer the user a high degree of experience and interactive possibilities to actively inform themselves about the respective services. Supplementary information, exciting insights and additional download material round off a successful product presentation, offer the customer added value in terms of content and thus enable a high-quality exchange with the target group.

Digital Customer Experience

The success of digital exhibitions with trade fair character and showrooms stands and falls with the quality of the digital customer experience. For an optimal digital customer experience, self-explanatory and entertaining content with a high information level is recommended, which is presented in a varied and entertaining way. It goes without saying that the technical implementation should function smoothly so that the user can devote himself entirely to the product experience. Plan contact options for direct and personal exchange with the target group, e.g. via booking options via online appointment calendar for an individual consultation appointment.

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The media affinity and media usage habits of your target group vary according to age group. We ensure that your digital offering is accessible and usable across all devices: whether as a remote or smartphone solution, whether in the form of an application or as a website in responsive design. We make sure that your digital presentation is technically flawless and that stored customer data is reliably available for your customer relationship management. In this way, you achieve long-term loyalty and increase the traffic for your digital presence, completely independent of the platform.







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