Digital Employee
& Recruiting Events
Creating sustainable bonds

Employee and recruiting events are important measures in the course of comprehensive employer branding. How can events for existing and new employees be implemented in an appealing digital or hybrid way? As experts in the field of employer branding, we know what it takes to design your anniversary celebrations, Christmas parties, other employee events or career events in digital or hybrid form so that they are remembered positively and inspire lasting enthusiasm. Our top priority in both conception and project implementation is to put you in the right light as an employer with your target group and to achieve deep identification. We link your (employer) brand with positive emotions for your employees and those who want to become one, relying on a coherent communication concept in the individual project phases.

Stand out from the competition

An employee or recruiting event should be informative, entertaining and emotionalising and strengthen the bond between your employees and your company as an attractive employer or convince potential applicants of your brand and get them excited about it! Depending on your defined target group or the occasion of your employee or recruiting event, it is important to consider various factors and levers in the implementation and to divide them into individual work packages. We present you as a unique employer and emphasise your individual Employer Value Proposition (EVP). This will help you stand out from the competition, retain your employees in the long term and score points in the "war for talents".

Success Factors at a glance


Captivating programme components and activating entertainment elements fascinate your audience and appeal to all the senses. Your target group immediately associates these experiences with your company as an employer and associates images that manifest and repeat themselves over time. This can be done passively through entertainment acts, such as a virtual DJ including a wishlist, or actively through a commitment act to directly involve your target group. For example, deep dives in individual breakout sessions on overarching topics from your working world are conceivable.

Employer Brand

Present yourself as an employer as authentically and emotionally as possible in a varied mix of information and entertainment. Show which topics are important to you as an employer: Innovation, diversity, work-life balance, flexible working models, the health of your employees etc. The more playful you make your employer brand tangible and let the participants take part in it, for example via digital gaming mechanisms, the stronger this will subsequently have an impact on their identification with your company. For the preparation of your information-relevant key facts, we draw on our network in the area of speaker coaching as well as fine-tuning for your presentations and speeches so that they can be conveyed to your target group as emotionally and informatively as possible.


The higher the interaction and involvement of your target group at a digital employee & recruiting event, the stronger the emotional connection with your company will be in the long run. With attention before and after the event, you remain permanently present and strengthen the emotional connection between employees, applicants and your company. Detached from the specific content, accents can already be set in the digital invitation management, for example with individually designed starter kits for a continuing experience at the event. Here you are completely free to choose whether you compile the starter kit across the board or whether each participant can individually select his or her preferred and available products.







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