Corporate Events
Conveying the core message

You would like to organise a corporate event - either for your customers or for your employees as an information event? We support you with many years of experience in the core competence field of corporate events. The expectations and goals for live corporate events are the same as for the digital variants. However, the implementation in the digital and hybrid area is far more complex than one might think: A common thread is crucial for coherence, a meaningful key visual remains in the memory, the right communication mix ensures variety, interaction guarantees increased attention and much more should be considered. You want to create an impressive experience that conveys your core message in a lasting way: We accompany you from start to finish with your digital events!

Varied components for successful digital corporate events

A corporate event should be exciting, entertaining and multifaceted, and it should be remembered for a long time! Depending on the focus and the occasion of your corporate event, it is important to consider different parameters in the implementation and to adjust them precisely. The work begins with the precise conception of your event based on the needs of your individual target group. Targeted invitation management, programme items with added value and a high degree of liveliness are crucial. How can we approach this? Together! We design the strategic approach through creation to project planning and successful implementation. Benefit from our comprehensive advice under one roof! 

Succes factors at a glance


Lively conversations about the content, cross-target group exchange and networking among participants are essential for a digital corporate event. There are many ways to specifically promote digital interaction: live chats, breakout sessions with experts on individual topics or a keyword-based search function for a targeted participant search that enables follow-up communication of participants according to fields of expertise.

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Present your company, your product or your service as close as possible. Create closeness to the participants and show what your company is all about. Insights into the organisation generate commitment, exciting entertainment acts create shared experiences and thus strengthen the emotional sense of belonging. Involve your target group: For example, give your participants the opportunity to decide on individual programme items and content. This shows appreciation and genuine interest in the needs of your target group. You generate acceptance and increase identification with your event. A variety of possibilities and mechanisms are available here, which we design and implement individually for you.


Your digital corporate event will be a success if the event sparks enthusiasm. We accompany and advise you in full to create programme highlights that remain in the memory of the participants - even long after the digital or hybrid event. We create individual experience accents that permanently electrify the participants and create lasting loyalty to your company. Continuous pre- and post-communication can set ongoing impulses among the participants. We support you in terms of communication strategy, concrete texts, design and digital distribution.







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