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In the Full Moon cosmos, nothing is standard. For us, holistic communication not ends with 360 degrees, customer consulting not with the weekly status call and event organisation not with working through a catalogue of services. We offer more: more expertise, more passion, more consulting, more implementation know-how, ... Full Moon Austria is a specialist for holistic and emotional communication: live and digital. Strategically and operationally. In Austria and internationally. We offer everything from staffing and implementation of promotions, events and employer branding measures to campaign planning and digital branding under one roof. Our claim is to be a reliable service provider, equal partner and efficient doer. Also in the search for and support of staff or the optimisation of internal personnel processes and workflows. At the various locations in Germany, Austria, Madrid and Kiev, more than 100 experts from all communication disciplines work on brand experiences that get under your skin. True to our motto "Living Brand Relations".

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Consulting personnel management

Years of experience in the field of human resources have shown us how important a professional and reflective approach to this topic is in order to successfully deploy employees. Take advantage of our expertise in human resources topics! In our training courses, we provide employees with professional specifications for individual projects. The result is a perfect representation of your brand or product. Starting with the presentation, through the consultation, to the sale. If you wish, we can also support you in organising internal training and onboarding workshops.

Contracts for work and services

We coordinate and manage all matters relating to contracts for work and services as well as the associated personnel issues for you. We are happy to advise you on any contractual issues and ensure transparent and efficient solutions.

Promotion staff

Our team has expertise at numerous levels of personnel management. We can look back on more than ten successful years in which we have deployed employees from various industries in national and international companies. We support you in the recruitment and employment of professionally trained specialists. Benefit from our experienced and reliable promotion staff in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Would you like support in project development at an earlier stage? We are also there for you at any time. We develop specific concepts as well as tour plans and subsequently provide professional handling and project support.

Employer Branding

To position your brand successfully and let it grow, you need a strategy. In close cooperation with you, we develop measures to position your company as a strong and authentic employer brand and to create a clear identification for your employees. Targeted brand management and experienced staff strengthen your company in competition. Read more about employer branding in our dossier!

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Our services

Staff traning

Integrating a new employee into familiar processes is often very resource-intensive. In order to be able to work quickly with the usual quality, we train all employees intensively on your brand, your product and consulting and sales techniques.

Contractual work & services

Everything is focused on success - the possibility of outsourcing entire areas or services increases flexibility and resources enormously. Trust in our more than ten years of experience in this field! We will be happy to advise you on all contract topics.

Recruiting and staff leasing

Selecting the right employees is essential for success. We take care of the recruitment of your staff. If you require, this can be done together with you and in accordance with a special method based on quality criteria.

Personnel services & consulting

We advise you comprehensively on all topics in the personnel sector, including recruitment, personnel selection, legal framework conditions, onboarding processes and quality criteria. Our goal is always to find the perfect professional for your needs.


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