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Our working world is becoming increasingly challenging and complex. Not only due to the digital transformation, but also due to the advancing lack of skilled workers, processes and requirements for a company as well as its organisational structure and managers are changing. This creates numerous challenges, but also many new opportunities. To cope with this change, companies need to work in a more networked and flexible way. The good thing? Together we make leadership agile! And position your company as an attractive employer in the market. Our experts will be happy to advise you in the areas of: Agile methods, employer branding and social selling & content marketing. Let us work closely together to discover new opportunities for your company and your team.



It doesn't matter whether it's Scrum, Kanban, OKR, or other agile methods – our experts know their stuff! In various training courses, we show you what options there are and evaluate together which methods could work in your context and company.


We support you in one-on-one coaching or as a team. Our coaches provide the right framework, regardless of the topic, and give you various methods so that you can develop your own solutions.


Moderation plays an important role in a successful workshop. Therefore, we provide you with a neutral and professional moderator.That is why we provide you with a neutral and trained moderator with over ten years of experience in leading workshops. Whether simple or playful - we focus on the results.


Agile Coaching

All beginnings are difficult – it can be a real challenge to introduce agile methods. Therefore, especially at the beginning of designing the Scrum framework, we recommend having someone with sufficient experience to support you. This helps you to avoid common stumbling blocks and the new way of working is introduced efficiently right away. In addition to general practical tips, we also provide the new Scrum Master as well as the Product Owner with the appropriate support to meet the new challenge.

Scrum Courses

Would you like to have a complete team trained in Scrum? Or would you simply like to try out the topic of agile project management with various interested persons? Then we have exactly the right thing for you: There are four different packages of our Scrum training. Depending on how much time you bring with you and what expectations you have of the training, we want to meet your needs in the best possible way and ensure a successful Scrum training: Whether a short 1-day training or a complete 2-day workshop including start-up help in working with agile methods – we offer you a training model that fits your needs!

Objectives and Key Results

If you have always wondered how agile strategy work can function, we have good news for you: OKR Framework makes it possible. The tricky thing about OKR, however, is that there is little extensive literature on it. That is why the introduction often seems trivial at first glance. The danger is that this lightweight framework quickly turns OKR into a management tool in the sense of an agile framework. In order to avoid this or to help at the neuralgic points, we offer comprehensive consulting. Details such as theory sessions, introductory workshops, review of existing sets, tools, implications for culture, etc. will be clarified with you in the initial meeting.

Employer Branding

For your brand to grow successfully, it needs a real reason to believe in it. A commitment that is reflected by your entire corporate structure. Which strengthens your employees' identification with your company and differentiation from the competition. As an employer branding agency, we position your company as a reliable and attractive employer through an individual and authentic employer branding strategy.

Digital and agile Processes

Large projects and many tasks? Our experts can help you find the right tool for your requirements. Organize your processes and projects so that everyone involved has an overview. Based on extensive experience with digital tools such as Atlassian/Jira, Asana, Miro and other applications, we can advise you – also in the marketing or HR areas.

Content Management Consulting

TYPO3, WordPress, Neos or rather Pimcore? Which CMS is the right one for your company's new website? There are hundreds of systems on the market. Few are really mature, and the professional systems have different specializations and advantages for different purposes. We talk about your needs and requirements for a new content management system and advise you independently of the implementation.

Visibility and content strategy consulting

You want to sell your products or services online – but nobody sees them? We know what to do. Optimizing visibility and the resulting findability in search engines is an essential part of a web project. A sound, strategic approach to SEO guarantees you a long-term positioning that generates targeted leads. We are also happy to advise you independently of the implementation and can give you tips on how to improve findability and the targeted payout of your content on the internet.

eigenland® Multisense

Workshops only with flip charts and sticky notes? There are other ways! With significantly more energy and efficiency. How? With a combination of multisensory and digital elements. Accelerate your change processes in an intuitive and appreciative process. We are certified eigenland® consultants and are happy to help you achieve clear and valuable results in your workshop.

LinkedIn positioning & new customer acquisition

Sales target not reached? Growth potential not exhausted? We would be happy to advise you and help you train your sales team, optimise your sales process, reduce your sales cycles and sustainably increase your turnover. Our consulting concept is based on six consulting modules that can be individually combined and booked according to your needs. Let us have an initial meeting to clarify how we can help you.




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