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"We do not look back into the past, we do not remain in the present, we only look forward! Every day we grow beyond ourselves for our customers".
Tim Höchel, founder of the Full Moon Group


# Full Moon Ignition

Owner Tim Höchel laid the foundation for our current 360° communication agency Full Moon as early as 1998 when he established the event agency Full Moon Factory in Stuttgart. This became the Full Moon communications agency in 2001. With its roots and a strong network in the fields of events and promotion, our agency became a well-established name in the planning and implementation of live events and the accompanying live communication.

# Full Moon Take off

In addition to the traditional event business, Full Moon founded the Kids (2003), Promotion (2004), People (2006), Communication (2013) and Digital (2015) units. In 2016, we channelled our expertise in the holistic communication of brands by founding the Full Moon Group as the structural framework for the existing business units, which now operated under the names Communication, Digital, Kids, People and Promotion.

Rebecca Duden, who joined Full Moon as a trainee in 2011, has since been responsible for the strategic orientation and project implementation for the Kids & Teens and Activation divisions. Till Elsässer has been in charge of the Event division with all B2B events since 2016 and has been with Full Moon since 2009. Initially working in sales, he has since been supporting and advising clients and providing strategic support for pitch processes to ensure success. Since 2016, Ralph Bergmann has been managing director for digital communication.

In 2017, we implemented the exciting and increasingly important business area of employer branding.

To further promote Full Moon's international network, we established offices in Mattighofen/AT (2018), Madrid (2019) and London (2019). We also employ digital specialists in Kiev and cooperate with partner agencies throughout Europe. This international network of brand communication experts enables us to tailor customer requirements to country-specific target groups and needs.

Since our foundation, the communication of brands for children, young people and families has been close to our heart. We are the largest agency for children, youth and family marketing in Germany and the leading children's marketing agency in Europe.

# Full Moon to the skies

Living Brand Relations is a top priority at Full Moon. We believe in the power of relationships between brands and people. However, we do not only focus on brand relationships, but also on the intensive connections to our customers, consumers and our employees. We are proud to have worked with a lot of our clients for many years in a relationship of trust. We see ourselves as an agency family that brings together a wide variety of characters with the most diverse skills in a modern working atmosphere.

We aim to provide our clients with a holistic service and analyse their needs from different perspectives. In doing so, we are creative, courageous and passionate - and we also support our clients strategically to realise their visions. The basis of our thinking is the Houston Circle, which we developed ourselves. It analyses brand needs at four key points and defines optimal customer solutions.

At the end of 2019 we reached a new level in our development. This is why we relocated our headquarter from Degerloch to Sternenhöhe (star height) in Stuttgart-Möhringen. A location that not only fits the name perfectly for Full Moon, as we think.

In 2020, small viruses have a big impact worldwide and change the way we look at the world in many ways. We, too, are sharpening our focus and communicating our expertise more sharply and pointedly to the public. We are restructuring our existing six divisions and creating stronger synergies. This is also reflected in the relaunch of our website and our corporate design.

The existing units became Kids & Teens, Employer Branding, Digital & Communication, Live Communication and People & Talents.  

We regard employer branding as a very special type of brand communication with many other aspects. Against the background of the current challenges posed by the Corona pandemic and the associated economic test of endurance, sustainable employer branding is a necessary corporate measure. "Strategic communication in this area means communicating the employer not only as a brand. Communicating clear values and goals effectively involves employees in the strategic realisation and is therefore an indispensable guarantee for sustainable economic success with a strong employee base," emphasises Ralph Bergmann, Managing Director Digital & Communication. "In addition to developing effective employer branding strategies and an authentic communication concept, we offer a broad and unique portfolio of measures".

# Full Moon Commitment

We are aware of our ecological and social responsibility. Therefore, we offer customers the opportunity to minimise their ecological footprint in the conception and implementation of live events. For this purpose we have defined the model of the Green Circle.

Tim implements his personal social commitment together with a group of companies as an advisory board member of Future4Kids e.V., Stuttgart, an association he founded in 2006, which provides financial resources for children's projects in an unbureaucratic manner. Höchel also acts as a trainer, mentor and coach for the Social Angels Foundation, Mundelsheim.

Full Moon Group Facts & Figures

The core of our agency family are our creative and committed employees. We work flexibly together across national borders in both space and time. We are driven by the desire to take your project into a new dimension! You can rely on our expertise. We never stand still. Our services are future-oriented. We constantly develop ourselves further. Stay excited and take off with us.
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