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ADAC Stiftung Safety campaign for first graders


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Full Moon Kids & Teens GmbH
Customer: ADAC Stiftung

The ADAC Foundation ensures greater safety and visibility in road traffic. As part of the "safety campaign for first graders", Full Moon Kids designed and implemented the safety campaign in the form of a roadshow with the support of Full Moon Communication. The roadshow went on tour throughout Germany with exciting participatory stations and made stops at major children's and city festivals, such as the Constance Lake Night Festival or the Children and Youth Festival in Munich.

Full Moon Kids and Full Moon Communication took over the conception, planning and implementation of the five interactive stations. There, both parents and children could learn more about the dangers of road traffic and the advantages of reflective clothing. Trained staff also answered all questions on the topics of safety and visibility in road traffic.

The "look-through" sessions showed everyday situations on the way to school and gave tips on the right behaviour in special situations. How many children with and without a visibility waistcoat are visible on the road at dusk and dawn could be tested by adults during the "visibility test" using various pictures. During the "clothing check", parents and children learned how the kids should be optimally dressed for the way to school. Those who wanted to design their safety waistcoat individually found ideas and utensils for decoration at "Pimp my waistcoat". And the children could take a souvenir picture with the mascots "Frieda and Felix - The traffic detectives" at the photo station.

Full Moon Communication also took over public relations for the safety campaign, from writing press releases and invitations to journalists, creating media distribution lists to designing an evaluation.

 Referenz - ADAC Stiftung - Safety campaign for first graders  Referenz - ADAC Stiftung - Safety campaign for first graders  Referenz - ADAC Stiftung - Safety campaign for first graders







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