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ADAC Stiftung Road safety


Conception, communication concepts, target group analysis, illustration 2D/3D, postproduction, animation, picture language/key visual, production supervision, film, graphic concept
Full Moon Communication GmbH
Customer: ADAC Stiftung

Under the motto "Simply safer on the road" of the ADAC Foundation "Yellow Angel", Full Moon Communication and Full Moon Kids have designed a training course to instruct refugees on the subject of road safety, avoiding language barriers. Training courses throughout Germany use clear visual language to illustrate to participants in a simple and understandable way the rules that apply to all road users within Germany.

In order to overcome the communication between the trainers and participants, Full Moon designed and implemented an animated explanatory film and associated teaching materials that do completely without language and are therefore barrier-free. Using case studies from everyday life, the animated film shows applicable rules for moving safely in traffic. Various traffic situations from the explanatory film are simulated in small groups on the magnetic board designed by Full Moon, and the most important contents are repeated in arcs.

The Communication team developed and created characters, illustrations and pictograms in a uniform style across all media. Interaction boards enable the participants to show the correct behaviour to the case studies from the explanatory film.

 Referenz - ADAC Stiftung - Road safety  Referenz - ADAC Stiftung - Road safety  Referenz - ADAC Stiftung - Road safety







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