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The foundations of the Full Moon Group – create relation were laid in 2001 in Stuttgart. Full Moon stands for professionalism, creativity, motivation and know-how in the fields of events and communication. With stunning events, bold road-shows, informative exhibitions and unique corporate design, Full Moon ranks among Germany’s five top-selling agencies in the field of live communication, (Source: W&V Ranking 38/16). A large number of services performed with an exacting degree of quality are implemented through the segments Full Moon Communication, Full Moon Digital, Full Moon Event, Full Moon Kids, Full Moon Live, Full Moon People and Full Moon Promotion.

Create Relation is given top priority by Full Moon. 135 dedicated masterminds and more than 1000 permanently employed promotors not only realize clients’ dreams, but steer live communication to new dimensions with unequalled projects. In closely maintained cooperation with prominent clients throughout the world, such as, for example, Daimler, Porsche, Bosch, Kärcher, ADAC, LEGO® or car2go, emotions become more tangible, ideas more alive, starting from the first consultation, progressing to conception and strategy, and culminating in precise implementation.



Full Moon Group | German Design Award Nominee 2018

Thyssenkrupp Elevator AG: For the product launch of the cloud-based maintenance solution, Full Moon has developed a new event format: The Digiloge Event. Through the digital transformation of participants’s data to analog event blocks and a strongly personified communication campaign “Hello, I am MAX”, the immaterial product “MAX” suddenly became real for all guests. Full Moon has been nominated for the German Design Award 2018 in the category “Excellent Communications Design” for creating this new form of communication. learn more


Fiat 500x: Out of the trend towards individuality and the craving for extraordinary Me-Moments, Full Moon developed the innovative live communications campaign “find your secret x-place”. With a total of 42 concerts, the Fiat 500x-Tour took to the road, taking in 36 cities. The target audience: Trendsetters with a love of music and lifestyle. For its find your secret x-place campaign, Full Moon was nominated for – and subsequently awarded, the FAMAB AWARD 2015 of the silver apple in the category of Best Consumer Event. the project


EnBW E-Mobility: For the trend-setting scheme Vision of Electro-mobility launched by the EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Full Moon developed a multi-medial communications campaign and created the “Elektronauts”. An E-bike test fleet was launched with the appeal to become part of a new energy movement. With a logistical masterstroke over a period of eight weeks, Full Moon coordinated the journey to a training camp in the specifically constructed Electro-mobility centre. The campaign concluded with a city tour through Stuttgart’s city centre, in which 500 “Electronauts” were able to try out the new driving experience. With this 2011 campaign, Full Moon won the FAMAB AWARD in the category Best Public Event. the project

eTable Soccer: Specially for the sporting goods manufacturer adidas, Full Moon developed the eTable Soccer, the digital version of a table football game, and won the Promotional Gift Award in the category Best Promotion-Product. the project


The first STUTTGART FESTIVAL celebrated its premiere 24. / 25. July 2015 on the outer terrain of the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, and with internationally renowned artists and a widely diversified supporting programme, provided visitors with a cultural highlight in the region of southern Germany.
Full Moon won the MARS Award in the category “MARS 2015 Event” for the Stuttgart Festival. the project


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Future 4 Kids

Charity – Social engagement is important to us: Full Moon’s executive directors Tim Höchel and Sebastian Wiese founded the association Future4Kids in November 2006 in Stuttgart. Future4Kids helps create places in which future prospects arise – quickly and straightforwardly. Financial and material means are precisely deployed – without unnecessary red tape, and exactly where they are needed. Future4Kids – in other words, create your own future. You can find further information under www.future4kids.de



FAMAB/FME: Full Moon is a member of the FAMAB- the association of direct business communication, and the FME- the forum for live marketing and events. FAMAB is an organization for all areas of business communication. As a professional association, the FAMAB comprises diverse company types in the area of event management, such as exhibition construction enterprises, marketing / event agencies, exhibition architects and designers, event catering companies as well as their respective specialist suppliers.